Home health care service
Fabio Heeb - Certified SSS indipendent Nurse

Performance planning

All services are provided under the prescription of the attending physician
Each performance corresponds to a specific timing


Fr. 76.90 / hour
Rates established by the ASI contract

  • Planning and re-evaluation of the individual care plan
  • Instructions and advice for home care for particular situations
  • Consultation with the attending physician


Fr 63.00 / hour 
Rates established by the ASI contract

  • Health check: Detection of vital signs, blood sugar, weight
  • Preparation of medicaments - Dosette
  • Administration of medicaments: Orally
  • Administration of medicaments: Injection / intravenous route
  • Blood and urine tests
  • Quick measurement and ACO therapy dosage
  • Instruction on the use of portable pumps: Hickmann / Port a Cath
  • Anti-decubitus prophylaxis measures
  • Wound medications
  • Inhalations / Aereosol
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Feeding through SNG - PEG / Gastrostomy care
  • Bladder catheter care and management (installation / removal)
  • Cure and management of Urostomy / Ileo-Colonstomy
  • Aid in elimination: Catheterisms, emptying, continence aids
  • Care and pain management
  • Palliative care / Accompaniment to death


Fr 52.60 / hour 
Rates established by the ASI contract

  • Complete hygiene and personal care: bed / bath / shower
  • Assistance in dressing and undressing
  • Nail cutting: hands / feet
  • Clutch / massage
  • Care of teeth and dental prostheses
  • Elastic stockings / elastic-compression bandage / Antithrombosis prophylaxis
  • Power assistance
  • Use aids for elimination: (urinary pan/ commode)
  • Mobilization and positioning
  • Assistance for walking / Auxiliary means


In order to ensure the most appropriate type of care

  • Fall prevention prophylaxis
  • Mini Mental Status and personal enhancement techniques
  • Maintenance and enhancement of autonomy

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